We provide complete auto detailing services in Amarillo, TX

Do you want your dirty car to be spotless? Cleaning it will be a challenge, but Erik's Deep Clean Detailing is ready for the task. We offer complete auto detailing services for a variety of vehicles in Amarillo, TX. We work with individuals and businesses, including car dealerships. Reach out to us today to discuss detailing your vehicle.

How will we detail your car?

Our mobile, whole-car detailing services include interior and exterior cleaning services. When you trust your car to us, we'll vacuum the interior, shampoo and condition the carpet, clean and condition the seats and wipe down the dashboard.

We'll clean the insides and outsides of the doors and windows. To clean the exterior of your car, we'll pressure wash, towel dry and wax it, then use a light clay bar. We'll also clean the tires. After the complete auto detailing project, your car will be as clean as a dealership vehicle on display.

Call 806-240-5228 now to schedule complete auto detailing services. You can book service for a single vehicle or a commercial fleet.