Opt for our car disinfection services in Amarillo, TX

Nobody wants to pick up a sneeze or a cough, but it's easy to spread germs in a shared vehicle. You can call Erik's Deep Clean Detailing to schedule our thorough car disinfection services in Amarillo, TX.

We'll go to you to disinfect your:

Personal vehicle
Commercial vehicle
Commercial fleet vehicles
Auto dealership vehicles

Call 806-240-5228 today to schedule mobile car disinfection services. You can also call us for a full variety of additional services.

Explore our other services

Our detailing company also offers sanitizing, machine waxing, hand waxing, headlight cleaning, orbital buffing and ceramic coating services. If you book ceramic coating services, we'll use a product that outlasts many others on the market, protecting your vehicle for about seven months. You can extend that timespan by choosing an additional spray. To choose service for your vehicle, contact a local professional today. All services are affordably priced, with a $10 additional charge for an unusually muddy vehicle.