Feel Like a Superhero in Your Car

Drive confidently after our car detailer cleans your vehicle in Hereford, TX

Tired of driving in a vehicle that's always messy? You can hire a car detailer to clean the inside and outside of your car or truck. Erik's Deep Clean Detailing offers mobile car detailing services in Hereford, TX and surrounding areas. We clean cars for individuals and businesses, including car dealerships, feed lots, mechanic shops and truck shops. We offer a wide variety of cleaning from full details, basic details, interior only and extra services as well.

We put client relationships first

Our goal is to make your vehicle shine - and make you feel proud to drive it. We'll do that by using high-quality cleaning products and careful techniques. To arrange for our detailing services, contact a local car detailer right away. We accept credit, debit and Apple Pay.

Choose from our range of detailing services

When you call our mobile car detailer, you can choose exactly what you need, from light internal auto detailing to a complete car detailing project.

You can schedule one-time or recurring:


Full auto detailing services


Basic auto detailing services


Interior auto detailing services


Extra services

Our extra services include options like ceramic coating, hand waxing and car disinfection services. To find out more about what we can provide, call 806-240-5228 today.